the poetry that matters

Crystal Lovelady

Crystal Lovelady is attending Lone Star College for an English degree, and also studied Chinese Language and Culture at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. She has been published in Swirl Art Magazine and Seaswells. She currently resides in Houston, TX and spends her time writing and applying for overseas jobs.

Honey and Rapture

She tasted like carnations: a
brief hint of silk, a little polish of
honey against the tongue between
gasping lips left pouting in a gleam of
dew. Her fingers pinched and pulled and
squeezed in places only she could
reach. Breasts coalesced, thighs
flushed and pled, enticed teeth against
petals and soft kisses to rapture.
Nails ripped thin seams, frayed
satin and scattered buttons. Hearts were
left frantic and skipping between cossets.
And their hair danced, dampened in sweat and
frizzing with the slice of a scream hung
laden in the air.


The silence fed the frenzy:
left whispers, whimpers, a spine bowing,
heat rising, hips wild and untamed. A
kiss for the current of sighs, the tide
carrying each shiver to sea - one last
kiss for the fall into


Thirteen Years of Silence
for Aung San Suu Kyi

the myanmar wind broke the roof free,
salting the earth in slate and flesh.
the knees of children howled
behind her walls, spines cracked
through the undercurrent, the
human form now parodying
mackerel: dead weight coiling,
sprawling human debris.

thirteen years imprisoned, blind
even to nargis' carnage.

over one hundred forty-six thousand lives
filling ditches and rivers, poisoning
the chapped lips of survivors.

still she sat, so
familiar with the chaos
of silence. her spine
by the storm.

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