the poetry that matters

Craig Kurtz

Craig Kurtz (aka Timothy Tyme, Barry Stoller, Calliope Kurtz, Van Halen Kurtz), Asperger's, living at Twin Oaks Intentional Community (VA.). Recorded The Philosophic Collage EP in 1981, now in reissue. Staff writer 10 years for Perfect Sound Forever. Other publications include Monthly Review, Scram, Popmatters and Mad Swirl.


Ever since I forgot


delight I lost that

twitch. Ballooning

ribbons & magic

non sequiturs won't

fun anymore.


Ever since I lost

tumbling, everything

hilarity corroded

quickly. Now tenebrous

& succumbing.


Ever since you

abrogated, devilry

doesn't ensue. Escalation's

been botheration

without that new.


Ever since I forgot rotten,

I looked up & there, some

of you reprising.

I remembered



So thank you.






The next time you're stuck in

a galaxy that sucks, adjust

the toner with redress. It's

questions that corroborate

more questions to refill.

I know there's a reason

because I resized it

before I forgot it. It

was the big contrast.

Some say rejecting conjectures

is for rubes but I consider

that strata. Useful in

intimacy is polysemy.

The next occasion of

certitude, try exposure

twisting. Answer grabbing

is cropping questions.

I know there's not knowing

because I involved it. The

lamination in question

triggered cynosure.

When contiguity falters

suggest aperture alteration.

It's hard to no when looking yes

straight in the lens.



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                                                                                                    September 26, 2012