the poetry that matters

Craig Dodman

Craig Dodman is an undergraduate student in St. Catharines Ontario. He has worked as an editor for PRECIPICe magazine, and for the Brock student’s anthology, in which he has been featured twice.

Endeavours in Lexicography



1.         Rude storage of a cover stripped of strength, keeping in the lustreless laments
            stripped from the body, to be kept for years.
                        “The reminder was left weary in the shed, reddened by rust.”

 2.         A former impasse with walls of an opening, and an exact residence that retains the
             former, in formality, and the film of the residue. It harbours remission as a staying
             resident reconciles with precedent; the loss impressed a darker afterimage


 (v.) shed, shed-ding, sheds

 1.         Cramping and the opposite of creolization, keeping in the recessing, the warmth
              stripped of the body, lost, loosed in sublimation for years.
                        “The memories were there, until the morning had shed its light.”

 2.         An always impasse, impossible of an offering. Construct for construing,
              recalcitrate reminiscence, a form of pharmacology, fixated on residue. Revealing,
              an apparent depthless distinction, aberrant, non-material. It bursts of remission as
              a staying resident, corroded from within; the loss impressed a darker afterimage


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