the poetry that matters

Connor Haig

Connor Haig, born in Cheltenham, United Kingdom, Studying accountancy as a profession. Connor Haig can be found performing spoken word throughout the country. http://chaig.blogspot.co.uk


Mistakes.           Knowing the world cannot be right/wrong. 
Life’s manual written out of love/greed         manifested by the survival                                                  architected 
by organisms                           to                    dominate aspects of
 life.                                    Greedy hunger
morals.                                                    To enrich breaths of destruction. 
Murder is wrong/right                                                  just what was
expected. time spent entertaining the joys                    boredom of a
mundane existence.  Unity collapsed into a divide, the sea
split                          away from the sky. Lights illuminated by darkness. 7
billion people. Sick. 

Not right for being wrong.                                                   Wrong at being
right. Hope aggravating despair.  No lesson plans how to breathe,
Consume work and   life,                                   there shouldn’t of ever
been a chandelier in the corner, there should never been a room for the
elephant to be in.



The rental for my space in the universe is nearly up 
Time to get a mortgage
                                                                     The long journey seems insignificant 
seemingly un-endless under a gazing tide 
                                                                                she is sterling and mighty fine
                                                                    hiding her flaws through a glass body
                                                  adding in each thought a grandeur of a better life 
                                                     she tastes better on my lips in her own country 
with the food passed by nameless 
                                                   I’m going to see her tomorrow a few more times
hope anchored with despair 
                      only a form of happiness aiding despair despairingly 
                                                    my only friend 


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                                                                                                          April 26, 2012