the poetry that matters

Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson is an Australian writer and editor currently living in Montreal. She has published short stories and poetry in Blast and First, two short fiction anthologies; Artlook Magazine; The Write Angle Magazine and the now-defunct Muse Magazine. Her work has most recently appeared in Ms Guided Magazine in Montreal. Claire also won the Marjorie Garbor McInnes Short Story Competition.




She wants to fill her life with windows.

This is the saturation point:

She goes to the window shop and window shops, looking through the window at the windows and swallowing them with her eyes.

After a while the word ceases to make sense. This is what she means:

She wants to fill her life with windows.


She looks at pictures of windows, she watches windows on tv; they’re always there in the background. She picks her best window in a supporting role. She picks her best window in a tv or mini series. She saves her best window for last.

When he looks at her it's like looking through a rainstorm, translucent. She laughs when he says so; she has known for a long time that he can see through her and so a long time ago she stopped hiding.



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