the poetry that matters

Christy Frost

Christy Frost is from Montreal, Quebec and is currently studying English Literature at McGill University. She has been published in The McGill Daily's Literary Supplement and Steps Magazine and edits The Veg Literary Magazine.


Metal Fish


Below                    saran-wrapped sawdust,

pregnant wrecks like raked coals lie


                                by their captains.


Below    my faked greeting,

you taste just regular—

no curly cosmos

but ocean floor

                                I bedded.


Eager prawns below                        poke

me with minnows, their eyes

cradle jade—

knifed clusters of scales.







You were a doctor’s daughter

used to dispensing drugs

from the Rubbermaid tub

by your parents’ bed.


Did you miss prescription?

The sacred scrawl of approval

from the hand that discovered

your body on the flat blue cot,

while the shiver of rice paper

crinkled with your thigh.


And the blunt fingers that hurt with knowing

all your glands


--What of them?



                                                                                                               January 14, 2014