the poetry that matters

Christopher Mulrooney

Christopher Mulrooney lives in Los Angeles, California. His work has appeared in NōD, Drunken Boat, Apparatus, Caesura, Moloch, and The Delinquent.

fairy fay

among the stones
prized by sculptors
it haunts the mushrooms and the table lamps
of the poor crews sent from the city
to carve them away
what city blocks of mountains wear away at the last
what cold dream is this
fata morgana
disprize me says the equestrian specialist
I work in molten brazen metal
all the better says the fairy fay
it is the dust the air
I clamber toward
toad on the mushroom
Greek onomatopoetics



artistic exhibition
like missionary in the stew
resolving slowly
and with difficulty
on the scene around him
here are the choice morsels
the good bits you have left behind
he had not so much stepped forward
as the others took one step back
picture if you will if you but will
the last stand
set up hopefully
on the strand
the last easel
over the river and through the woods
a kind of delimiting stratagem
the forewards
but we shall come to that
and the rear guard
the swimming pool
perhaps jaded
after all these years
Comstock and the miners’ daughters
singing a cappella
along the steep hills of chaparral
the lighted towers for a sign 

the regulation aqueduct and fonts


no surfing

we sculpted out the city for a niche
we could camp out in
at our face trees froze bees died
the whales came ashore and so forth
not to stroll
we took the coloured panels out
the wisdom and the architecture
and settled on equality of vision
a corps of actors where not one stands out
and guest stars suffer
new regime

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