the poetry that matters

Carmen Racovitza

Carmen Racovitza was born in Galati, Romania. Throughout the years she has had individual poems published in various yearbooks, newsletters and anthologies. She is the author of three books of poetry (XeroX, 2005; Le Vent de Moldavie, 2005; The Outside from the Outside, 2007) and a poem-essay: Za-Ludica S.A., 2008. During 2006/2007 she published a samizdat lit mag, entitled DOI, with international contributions from Canada, USA, Spain, Great Britain, Italy and France. She has an extensive online activity on her lit blogs caravanne, notgrog and DADA2.A History, and her friends’ blogs, too. She is also a book reviewer and a contributor to several literary reviews.

i goyle things, i swear

i just goyle them


i swear




the rest is reputamination








from/to Aaron



the floor bottom was their treasure


they were Toad and Tadpole


in a sale/safe relationship

sad most of the time


they stayed hidden they looked inside the belt

the conveyor's


they were not allowed to look outside


sparkle spppparkle, they said

leaking and then bursting in your face


Bodies: rinsed and still rotten

rotten and so rinsed


the tiled tub was safe so hidden

whenever Toad-so-well-hidden looked into the tiled mirror

the rotten mirrror


she was sinking

and it hurt

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