the poetry that matters

Candice Daquin

Candice Daquin is a French-born Psychotherapist and Writer living and working in Canada. Daquin is a published poet, trained dancer and avid supporter of volunteer work; helping disenfranchised women through deed and word. In her spare time Daquin paints and consumes large quantities of poetry and eggs for breakfast.

Coins for a Funeral



a new zephyr

breathing fire upon lilies until they melt

waxed by a violence for fast paced consideration

falling as pearls back to the seabed

invisible now, as once I was

strewn in savage arms for slaughter

a silver piece in my mouth

hard to bite, sucking on metal

worth less than me, more than life

blooming on the cusp of circular bonfires

lighting the skies with sordid memory

hands pulling me under water

where static weeds grow lithe fingers

entering me in green vision

letting go of the borders and they blurred

like glasses crushed into diamonds

where the moon winks heavily at transgression

and joins the circles compounding begotten earth

do the leaves that unfurl like dancers

know the name of silence's child as well?

silence that hangs in arabesque

painted stiff and yoked

my dress a bloody reminder

of all things spilt

all things best remedied

beneath this buried attempt.




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