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Caitlynn Cummings

Caitlynn Cummings has an MSc in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh and writes poetry, fiction, and drama. She is also the Managing Editor of the literary magazine filling Station and the Coordinator of the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program. Her work can be found in Drey, Two in the Bush, Migratory Words, Cordite Poetry Review, NōD, dead (g)end(er), ditch, and everywhere else you least expect it. Follow her on Twitter @Tartaned_Maple.




Edinburgh the Homophone

Troll crossed Laura’s Stone Meadows,
vestal rig groaning.
Rogue said “e’en bells for drums, Hugh guards them.
Row y’all cirque, us Sabre Crombec airy hot.”

Priory box holy rude.

Player Cow Gait’s shame burns, but her eau
sheen stalls Keith Clerk.

Gills land-spy lopped of worth:
Bordeaux bellow chopper muscle bra.

Plant tires, blunt fields, marred dale.

Blantyre Bruntsfield Mardale

Portobello Joppa Musselburgh
Gillsland Spylaw Polwarth

Sciennes Dalkeith Clerk
Blair Cowgate Chambers Potterow

Briery Bauks Hollyrood

Royal Circus Abercromby Heriot
Rothesay Dean Belford Drumsheugh Gardens
Restalrig Loaning
Tollcross Lauriston Meadows



Black Tied Velvet

Old Bloody Orange,
downtrodden peach melba,
are you driving towards Fife at the moment?

Scot Parents’ Torment
empty nest victim
Is that a good rope, Johnny, a strong rope?       

honestly, eggs now:
pine cypress poplar

off with her head, off with some head    
Biology, 4th Ed.

Lying’s the Most Fun a Girl Can Have
soggy wet
(Without Taking Her Clothes Off)

That’s the main thing:
stay awake,
beaten Angels with Bagpipes.                 

Cowgatehead Careers for Girls
dowl mews: watch the space, as they say          

"is she stuck in a queue?
is she late?
is she forgot?"

Black Tied Velvet    
8:05 PM


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                                                                                                                   July 25, 2012