the poetry that matters

Brandy Ryan

Brandy Ryan was born in London, Ontario and has studied poetry at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto, where she received a PhD in 2008. Her work will appear in White Wall Review and Media Tropes, and was first published by Misunderstandings Magazine. Brandy has also written about Victorian poetry, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and hockey.

Brandy Ryan has attended writing workshops at the Toronto New School of Writing, and has taught two of her own at York University, where she also gave the lecture, “speak into language not our own: an intertexturality of (some) contemporary Canadian poetics,” to a first-year intertextuality course.



                                        a             ga   \n
                            l o ?     v e
                                           (yo)u                                                           fro/m
                           f                     eel    
                                         he                   ar
                           to                                                           u(c)h
                                                              t          a          s          t          e
                                                       n                                     ever
                                                  he sa\d

                                                (n)eve(r)                                          hear
                                      (wan)t                          (t)a(s)te
                                                 hear      t  o  u  c  h
                           >fro   m                                                 feel                        uoy
                           l         o           v           e                       a                           ga\n


access split       skin record



Post Revision (require stamp) first revises into how
infinite yielding
reckon the Wilde,                                                                      number & divide its expense <comma>


                                                                                  what of the women
restrictions from discovering women


rite to begrudge silence                           speak the end enquires like squires adverbs and preps


A                   result:                    spring back to form(er) position           terms          letter

worlds                                      in                                       formation                                   time
taken                                              six        sous       vole                                 principal principle


cheque:       scalp         melted

      to      write      a      world      pushed       into      have

there           is           only           to           enter           stuck         catalogued           with           me

unknown seeks letter outside terms

holds its place open
please the air and no(thing)

chance to be other either ether (E)(vers 4.2)
in voice

ink   put  hooks in your mouth
between local and 


letter into b’ing



The strange thing about
the kitchen cemetery and
the eye’s sharp,
 slow death
is a blade to
 the leaf left counter
starts to see
what is refuse
the world
that eyes me
differently, not 
 peel, smash, mince
 intellectual, no
 jar has holes of its own
 to sliver the skin
alive suddenly
beauty, repelled by banality
(not Julian, a boy i knew once; he played guitar)
 habituated to it
the leaf it leaves
allows more blur
to edge indigo protest
more failure
furled inwards withered
forward distortion
 a fate in its inevitability




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                                                                                                                                      August 2011