the poetry that matters

Billy Cancel

Billy Cancel is a Brooklyn based poet. His work has recently appeared in Shampoo, Glitterpony & Cricket Online Review. He co-runs Hidden House Press. A collection The Autobiography Of Shrewd Phil was published by Blue & Yellow Dog Press last year. Sound poems, visual shorts, & other aberrations can be found at www.billycancel.com


bleached minimal in white white meadow     much taken
with this     upwards-a-spay     horizontal-a-stream
downwards-a-drop    pinpoint amidst unremmitting
congrats     controversial harbor dredge well
worth it    little pit talk or freight elevator to white
dwarf basement     oft derided thrust     loaded wing you're
in the racket too so bride     this shark faith     dawn forfeit    
sky gap     thursday's poem full of fluff     i crawled out
from under rock jumped onto your back as you limped
outta metropolis sweepsteak back into multi-task    
sour moon     trading floor bell       
so let's go down to where periscope starts
contaminated girl     doorcode 7471
why software then     moth tissue now     
blanket simulation     dud space maraude
so let's go down to where the periscopes start
glowing multicolor tower     lacks up close detail
sincerely yours    crust platform
best regards
worm screw





but an encore of their breakthrough hit     what a day for
a red planet sent diehard fans home happy     but an
encore of their breakthrough hit     breakthrough hit
encore     sent diehard fans home happy but an encore
of meanwhile i am insinuating fog local
            loops around subdivisions temporary
traffic lights little black marks predispose
            stainless receiver     line of ascending blue
kites white picket fence but near
blind bargain i catch a rain bag
harsh critical storm     snapped you resolve     hardened into
brittle fossil     outmoded conventions commercial
pressures so     watered down water     open mouth spewed
grey pigment     forgot backlog     retook shot     counted in
factored up     package signed for
at 2012 hesitation lane unit
12 egg harbor xy11100     i set
out     hog eyed man is
the one
for me





in snowflake mask     fresh from sale's edge       misinformed
dancing shadow     silver yard safer     misinformed dancing
shadow subtle blackened dove states all your blurry times
contain profound black     so don
t spore now     your range
all backcrossed     with insincere omission     lock down low

spread platonics     more diagonal tows     than raucous quarry
ventures. "soon rainbow soon rainbow soon rainbow wall & through"
promised thoroughbred     "not wooden figure wonderland    
not another dissonant night down the local with rain mouth    
recreational yellow has my flame cutters     so do grass me
friday for a quick stormalong     won't be another case of ten
straight defaults     & snapper depth ahead."
bloody grid cheating
world  faux pressure
but won't quit myself for any next
army shall deny rot choreographer's 
continuation     drunken miles wide

of boss town     you'll decide there' plenty
left in the doubt lamp     & little moon all

stuck upon restart     nonetheless we'll use it





failiurelinquished by englishouting     frown town acid green fuchsia
token system denial exchange     you were hard to trust then rich red
earth green bush grey mountains ahead you opened fire failurelinquished
by englishouting sting ray city     incandescent gold black     bravo
bravo disproportionate song     you opened firedoors everywhere but
followed by no moon to beneath heavier towers where shapeless evolve
& i forgot blood diamond diplomat
remote control white ship
crust platform's faddish progress
fired up grass roots
lamp hand i am first foghorn     come hither make out artist     shadow
invades warmth means     mandatory black implosions within confines    
of rose     can tell this is your firsr cruise here's a hot coal     go make
a home of your own     baby pink tablecloth     citrus chandelier
aluminium burger     blackcurrant lounge suchlike    
bad company     whistle & blast     
doubt i'll be back to haunted replica buffalo
robe stomach lining subtle spatial drama   
roaring times won't
be short of drink





must you watch me chime     am disengaging     from over governed
summer     light jet drone not suspenseful music     this search for
arrowheads in scrapper yard     might yet cough up
faddish progress     in truck shadows     would rather let a
passing barge sink     than compromise this snagged shape   
slacker impresario was ripe for bedlam     mimiced loon's repetitive
motions     chuckle inducing fake outs     semi-fictitious content    
remote control cool white ship     real holiday weekend errors   hot
sauce one vote whiskey assault     unsanitary pink murkiness luke warm
sun unsanitary pink murkiness betweem white water salt marsh 1st & main    
bright flash quick
surprises them doing
their hair late flash
they're checking the
fucking slot     unimpassioned
you'll control a mugger
work the shallows
church a watch
                                                                                                   arid bankrupt past
                                                                                                   high line defense




because once wild flowers on roadside     you further down inactive stretch    
approaching heart of peripherial     perhaps faux documentary    
sugar mask    
deboned framework    
unfooled finish in fairest meadow     but tracking happiness
nervous upon road to sunday     at best-crystal-years-gleam / crystal-years-crash
intersect     you
ask but why fiercer cut? why honey merge south?  if layers of peat
thicken above me is it right to dream of red lining each butterfly?  what should i do
next time home defense gets caught flat starts to tire?"     you are led deep into a beautiful
forest gang graffiti scratched on every trunk     you are led deep into a beautiful forest   
but heavy bass from
a crusing car sets off
an alarm inside a parked
car bless this audio phony war
your terrible trance it breaks
when the magic few are gone i'
ll throw us both into a
narrow tour of blue trend territories you & i on a city
break gathering fat will write the last great english milk play
based upon signals then sped up will hide out
you attain
your zenith in low pressure troughs but i love
you nonetheless nimbus
upon the edge of rain    


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                                                                                                       October 22, 2012