the poetry that matters

Billy Cancel

Billy Cancel is a Brooklyn based poet/performer. He has been widely published in both the US (including Lungfull! Fact-Simile, 6x6, 580 Split, Indefinite Space) as well as publications in the UK, Canada & Australia. Billy performs in the poetry/noise band Farms & self-publishes through Hidden House Press http://www.hiddenhousepress.com/ A collection The Autobiography Of Shrewd Phil was published by Blue & Yellow Dog Press in September 2010.

blindfolded left of water take care    ripped blue
poster razor’s grave     misunderstood lighting bolt
no monsters   
 another stage fright walk-off 
    unreason’s advance endless thursday what
you looking for        to applaud road works   
the most out of file naming    neither edgy gold
record nor behind curtain reconstruct?  
taken to lucy
& her time dawn over pigsty
.    slow coach fast
trees     for one broken white only parachute crucial
lag distance    overnight collection
no controversial
incineration plan was just happy tracking ash.



young ox-type at last your slow descent by headless
horseman horseless carriage by astonished rotation. multi
-layered blank upon this spot you didn’t press save came
to a wall in the road. implicit tumor within the elect can
you manage at any level? abandoned-in-the-woods you
never saw that idiot light in sharp orange place. teenage
comb-over helicopter sunday sugar mill machinery blue
flag award habanero mindset exwick bingo hall mock
stock when opposites attack. penny for gin two pennies
for straw torn down in broad daylight were you not?



in the rawscape a proximity grouping joined
it’s union i got 1998 back over-elevated idea
younhinged during batting practice no doubt
will sing to the feds space spike concentrate
chapter 3 can nothing save us from being 
turned out this bitter winter with our little all
she-devil on wheels younpacked in the harsh
lands beneath disruptive camouflage space
spike concentrate chicane focus bless this no
doubt i’ll ask for brooklyn get given boston



trap down so memory lane consumedust i was restored
happy were days festievery place no boiling waters
‘til white trench upon such smooth stone my spreading
mouth. stick end of the wrong you carted bacon
barely a finger thick struggler experiments another
folk song nothing changed you needed wet metal
april transfer to get about them. 5 days before all 
hallows eve a-light-between-trees-opportunity so you
turned your first honest coin & deluded things such
as i thought there was no triggerman on the payroll.



mirror mirroreconnaisance: on st.lawrence day
morn the wind shall do more harm than any man
can recall. mirror mirrorecollect: night of stunning
paper dress camera flash firestorm. dashing now
but have been ghostly thatype a little about
northend? hog the balance have sympathy
for wire cutters take a pleasant drink against
insanity & the devil or feel joy & strike. dumb
luck rung out around the world. wreckage
of a german bomber
will be found off
the cornish coast.



soft glitter cosmos needs a pig war flaming
speeds good claret reversible surfaces cold ham
that stuff. 797 piles of junk i renamed in
temporal pink gray purgatory as non-entities
juxtaposed & sly unseen storage bright flashes
unreachable things turned the joint into a right
fucking circus. delayed security clearance is no
excuse to spread a carpet of fresh greenest
sprig down amongst
this dream prattle.



brokentered spot between moss draped oaks blue
skeleton beckoning so screw silver yard these are low
times stuffed with glass. some get choreographed some get
marrowless we both agree neither of us has hollywood
behind nor hyacinths ahead. beyond a distant
crest the village steeple the willing scaple & you
won’t want to talk about it. over a berlin warehouse
careful additions to the milky way but you liked sun so
you’ll be foam. once i threatened to upside down
pavilion to closeason the hole sure not now though



Acid Blocker /
sustained release    1st bridge across
the bay    welcome
novelty    whitest grapes. i rename a template come down with
brain fever turn off function ruined love is found anew rushing
boiling red mud.    recursive sequence
of government wagons    they meet me
more than not    a waste of shame    too thin to plough.
black cross holds    back red sun    over spark chamber one
after another they go from there to light chamber & i attach
a feast day.



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                                                                                                                                 May 29, 2011