the poetry that matters

Billy Cancel

Billy Cancel is a Brooklyn based poet/performer whose work has appeared in Fire, Neon Highway, Tremblestone, Iota, Rites ‘N’ Sites,The Text, Split 380, Lungfull, Mad Moth, Infinite Space, Fact-simile, 6x6 (Ugly Duckling) and aslongasittakes (sound poetry). A series of chapbooks have been publsihed through Hidden House Press.

The Caradon Box

grey smear covered
                                         in white scratches

each green fold packed
                                               with brown steeples

grey curve thins
                                  breaks sharp on blue

swirl emerged
                             frightened & new


don’t soft pedal this hideous slack
was dragged from sowden’s bridge to
unwitting hour’s open call for soluble additions
& guess what fungus
on the brain was recalling
a series of 2 digit codes to produce
a selection of custom sandwiches next
time it’ll take obscene
reconnaissance before i leave
19th century german again if anyone needs
to find me i’ll be with portable autumn
waiting for the ferry back





stacked high my whining freight

              eyed enquiries
able bodied
tight lipped
shaken down
ghost locales
                           in viscous drub
single fine
of vast
              unformed shape

today’s insipid

consignment tomorrow’s





now you have
been years

no doubt in
                        the pattern

lavender teal
pink your rush                         they grid

a warm crawl in
                                a worm crawls out



to vague
music was

then in
a rosebush

this was
                a raw
                                                                   a shadow




missed sharp ride
                                           to industrial yellow

ooze & spread

unclaimed background
                                               accumulating load

                                          steady flow
                   of ailments

                                     in brambles

       country fashion


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