the poetry that matters

Beth Langford

Beth Langford is the poetry editor of filling Station (http://www.fillingstation.ca/) and Ideomancer Speculative Fiction (http://www.ideomancer.com/). Her poems have appeared in Dandelion, NōD Magazine, Goblin Fruit and Electric Velocipede. She lives in Calgary.

The Spring

Asleep in a beautiful clade

the long-eared ones sink

into geology, its layered moss,

while the misbehaving plants

transport cytokinins to the last

standing apical bud.

I don’t begrudge the rabbits

their “flat affect,” but how

glamourous it must be

to line this burrow with fur

without imagining any other.

Glossy percentages. Whiteness.

Whiteness is trouble. After an end

to snow, a diagrammed life. And

blood, lymph, the electromagnetic.

The kits raise their imagining

into a new tangle of stems.

Then one of the languages speaks.



scrunched-up residual
ringlets where empires
receded, flukes upended.
glomeruli jolts undo
bottled estuarine channels
craving buoyed bellies,
polar tubules, breakages.



like lace a glacier, like lace
on the shorn sunbathing
dossier of Earth; benthic
trance of science, gravity
tiered and frilled, a senseless
equator, a later, a sooner later.

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                                                                                                     April 25, 2012