the poetry that matters

Athena G. Csuti

Athena G. Csuti is a student and writer from Edmonton, Alberta.


shallow as the prettiest puddle
Here is My Life.
         clear moments strung together;
moisture beads trailing along
the intricate web of a Blackened widow

her House is a place of scorn,
where immaculate things are
placed in display cases.
her dry House. Full of thoughts absent
of oxygen

desert skin and broken mirrors
won’t reveal her deepest and darkest

I once swam to the top
of the ocean though it constantly
Hurled me back down
                          To the bottom
For a brief time I thought
I had gills
I had a glimpse of eternity
Amidst the hopeless waves

And all it could offer me
were ways to go back down



As I Walk Down the Streets of Broadway

I was once soft, warm words
glistened on my lips

The World turned cold
now I depend on the Warmth
Between My Hips

I promise, with all my soul
I will do everything in my power to fuck it up

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