the poetry that matters

Ásgeir H Ingólfsson

Ásgeir H Ingólfsson (b. 1976 in Akureyri) is a future poet who has been sidetracked by journalism, selling books and teaching, among other shady activities. To be more specific he has mostly worked as a cultural journalist for various publications - paper and online - for the last two years and a half, but is always trying to find the time to write some stuff that other cultural journalists can write about. To be even more specific he has about eight novels, two travel books, one play, two books of poetry and one screenplay in development - not that he's started writing any of them, he's been too busy sampling every type of beer there is to find in Eastern Europe.

The Serious Manifesto

Rule 1: These are serious times and there is no more time for the joyful carelessness and cheerfulness that got us into this mess.

Rule 2: Don't put giraffes into countries they don't belong in. Same goes for crocodiles, elephants, kangaroos and other exotic animals you find poetic.

Rule 3: Only write about things that will influence society directly, cutting like a knife through all the fictional bullshit of dreamers trying to sell us a better world.

Rule 4: Take writing seriously. Take life even more seriously. Stop drinking, smoking and laughing. Stay focused. Use proper grammar. Only eat food that is good for you.



If you employ your relatives
you must sacrifice your first-born

Society must come first,
before family, friends
and loved ones

Love must be regulated
in order to avoid
all its unnecessary

No gods will be allowed
no authority,
because the citizens
must learn to author themselves



Control and shape
express no faith
be normal

resemble every other

simply different families,
bent or corrupt
in a certain fashion
by the people

no more power structures
take sides
look over their shoulder
they may not be lying to you

Jump up and complain,
threatening phone-calls

Is it true?

Total objectivity
people were not happy
you simply cannot ...

think twice
mortgage and kids

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