the poetry that matters

Anne Rucchetto

Anne Rucchetto is a Toronto native currently living in the west end and studying at The University of Toronto. She has is a former editor at The Strand, a Staff Writer for The Varsity, and an Anthology curator for Diaspora Dialogues. She has been previously published in Poet's Ink, Acta Victoriana, The Trinity Review, The Sheltered Poet, The Gargoyle and has other non-fiction work published through Camberley Press.




Twirling gracious, self massaging

Reflection wearing faces                                                                                 garbled  

delicious self-serve

            lustful leer for you and  y  o  u  alone

weak chin freed by

screeching laugh upon

            n  o  o  f  f  e  r  s

vibrating ceiling



When the Evening Comes

                                                               regretful murmurs to brick wall

Split dialogue brain drain
                                                               friction for rusted synapses
All decent speaking opposing
                                                               scum-caked orifice
Mind’s throbbing turbulence
unfettered by cemented walk

“Is that you on the drive? Get in here.” sweet malted liquor breath smears single chapped lip

tripping attempt at redemption gets only                unaccountable giggling tweaks paths of light
                                                                                                    against vacant judgement         the impulse sparks
I should—I  should—


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                                                                                                               July 26, 2012