the poetry that matters

Angela Hibbs

Angela Hibbs has two collections of poetry, Passport and Wanton. She has read at Harbourfront and Mitzi's Sister in Toronto as well as at The Sparrow in Montreal for the Pilot reading series. She has recently been published in the online journal, the Puritan, as well as in the New Feminisms issue of Matrix.



Most grounding: flavour of apples.
Beware too waxy. Just waxy enough. Is real.
Confirm litter box’s lack of arrangement.
Distrust overabundance of exclamation points!
Some whispers will be inaudible. Check.
Not all. Some.
“That’s unreal!” may be heard in the real.
Tense spider-looking hands:
without further evidence: the unreal in the real.
Lights don’t always work: could be either.
Trains late: same.
Doubt the easily replicated: spanakopita,
too gluey. Still. A recipe error not proof enough
for an audience with the Reality board.
Clouds may mock the brain’s shape
or the shape the brain is expected to take.
Note: exposed brain may lose form. In reality.
Listen! For click of glass on metal
finding that, ensure it sounds
different than glass on wood, blunt, not chime.
If ten people in a row have a sister
they may be faking humanity.
Fields do not long to be beheld:
indifference is characteristic of reality.
Seeing all that is said as transcript:
false alarm.
Violins in torture chambers
may be a soundtrack. Disorientation
gathers in the real as much as the unreal.
If you wish you were somewhere else
reality may be upon you.
*This checklist is under construction.
*Unreal checkmarks should outnumber real. 
*Refrain from using formulas for the real;
unknowns function differently in the unreal.

Nestled in stone. Not much nestling to be had. Two separates one casts a shadow. One receives a shadow. Neither the stone nor the nestled stone, the mortar or the pestle have been necessary. More pleasant for that. No less worthy of protection. Protect them for ears. Pack and unpack. Smile and frown on them. They catch the light with indifferent and with indifference let them set

Forbidden. Makes sores. Texture is. Granular. Perched on counter. Descend. the icing variety. to counter level. tear bag with teeth. rat alibi. tell it my desires will be immoderate.

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