the poetry that matters

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool (UK) based poet published in The Binturong Review, Unquiet Desperation, Silenced Press, Otoliths, Zygote in my Coffee, and other on-line and print magazines. Four collections published to-date. Co-editor of erbacce poetry journal and erbacce-press. Currrently finalising a PhD in poetry.

Visit Andrew Taylor's website at: www.andrewtaylorpoetry.com

Chicken Pig



Location locked firm

writing machines hedge

view to fields beyond


green and white desk

chopped firewood an

Autumn testament


first publication tea at five

            comfort of audience

harmony of routine



Positioned licensed a new

            order metropolis of



needled incomprehension

            horizon signifiers

comfort through summer madness


Public art station walks Palanzana

Unknown Landscape # 3

The Tango Ray and Julie Sea Circle



Air-conditioned basement

            monitors surround

postcards shelf stacked


encased metallic blue freed

             hotel furniture resting

place reflections on rye


Greenness of canal bandstand

rendezvous isolation

jet watching double glazing



Year of death and disease

            cabin walls drip

behind blinds of Winter



Copse lifeless nature redolent

            shut down magnetic voices

recording tape rattled railings


Car park light cast glow

            empty space years end

lock the cabin door



Dreams of Winter Hill

A Certain Ratio

red letters on the dashboard


flash neon satellite navigation

            time zones a freeway

and city midnight junk


Orange support through fog

            bay lights glimmer

Star Room Dancing a hotel view

How Animals Work



An equality of emotion

investigated on a late night train


this nature of happiness

an extension of adequacy


tolerable and bearable

search the heart of the other


Poor servants worn with drudgery

sedation not an answer


neither producing machine

nor entertainment


Reversal to forebear

what about a neo-cortex?


this poem of nature

a mere facility of intent



Pale Sigh



Use not restricted to praise a Lord

rival or important person


rather a way to get the work out


accompanied by Grant Lee the afternoons

of birds dipping above hedgerow


Mighty Joe Moon and the Englyns


effort to capture fields before concrete

becomes all


two rows of daffodils line the path to

the Church door



New paths new gardens walks

around reserves waving at trains


falling backwards into library shelving


searching for poetry for continental trips

and theory to thwart proceedings


Saint Etienne and blown kisses


evening after-work drinks

in becalmed bars


Plans for afar gathered around

cases of vanity



where the stray cat was photographed


after lunch-time wandering those streets

shared through phases of bags and poetry


Psyence Fiction and the Cathedral Poems


written as necessity visiting Mondays

refectory warming early doors


songs of the season rise from

the burial place below


of Life


this river stands dry

blossom straddled by

mockingbird wind


Rose scented dreams

horses pass through

a thunderstorm plateau


where moon rises a cherry sky

            hint of magnolia

leaves a mountain of memory


fresh flowers an ocean view

            isolation a maple

tree in the snow


wildwood shadow fog of cats

            a blue sky rosebud child

bluebirds follow to cold creek


hummingbird sunset over

            Meadow Lake driftwood

sun into starlight sand and magic


of woods at night


Orange grove shore of rocks

            petal horizon tide of

morning this the honey of life




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