the poetry that matters

Andrew McEwan

Andrew McEwan is from Bright's Grove, Ontario, and studies at the University of Toronto. His work has appeared in Dandelion, Misunderstandings Magazine, Fact-Simile, Monkey Puzzle, and Gulch, an anthology published by Tightrope Books. His first chapbook is due in February 2010 from Cactus Press.

from repeater

ASCII is not art. It’s a code, a way of hiding things within smaller things…The codes covered here are the beginning of a crude alphabet for our new machines’ pidgin, a baby language, for better and worse, mindlessly mumbled sub-atomic particles of thought.    – Tom Jennings


          0     mimes coagulate on the contested surface of the real

          1     a pulsar signal in poem’s distance

          1     splices routine reboot to orbital noise

          1     interactions of debris mistranslated as necessary breath

          0     together, white and dumb with fear, resisting actual viruses

          0     mirror image of the darkroom deafness in bloodletting

          1     crystals toward computer’s aria

          0     mimes resist mimesis


0     a person living in two worlds improvises paranoia

1     if nothing matters when stretched to the infinite

1     mechanisms arrange to crop the telescope

1     subtle infinity bides

0     a quantum mind understands wired coercion

0     a person in the distance sees a person in the distance speaking strange words

1     the logical conclusion that should fill this line

1     suffers stoppage of programmed virus encoded in language


          0     the crowd zeroes in on a movable goal

          1     fluctuations in signal propagation structure

          1     aleatoric as needed to maneuver digital skyline

          1     as if a throw of a dice were random instead of an equation too difficult to remember

          0     the crowd gawks as magician affixes meaning to the backstage ropes and pulleys

          1     forces sculpt a received message as cousin to

          0     the crowd gains and concedes distance in relation

          0     the crowd aims, and aims, and aims


0     next

1     next describes each operation ideally

1     self-reflexive, knowing itself as precedent

1     forces the tautology: next is next

0     next

1     mimics binary to command movement from

0     next

1     movement’s redundancy  


          0     a crowd gathers in formation

          1     code becomes a spectacle of absence

          1     asymptomatic in perpetual null

          1     as input/output leaves no sediment in repeater

          0     a crowd mechanically forgets its function

          1     outside the code is a greater code with the answer

          1     etc.

          0     a crowd is inherently fractional, contradictory


0     two people stand side by side making connections

1     eels of the cathode infect the wires with promise (read: progress)

1     travel tangled knots toward computer

1     able to understand the metaphor of its own construction

0     two people as dyad of historically implied source

1   “information passengers a lonely ship” is a demonstration, not an explanation

1     plot motion

1   “to build a computer of poems” lied the computer


          0     all is silent as he begins his routine

          1     repeater in wired city of the remote control

          1     not a system, but a way by which systems happen

          1     so prophesy becomes parroting

          1     mindlessly subatomic pidgins hidden

          0     he thinks “going through the motions” is what he’s doing

          0     he occurs specific in time

          0     he is variable or not


0     hoisted, something clicks, clicks before her

1     surging digits figure under utopic programming

1     master, coder, are you of a higher or cyclical order

1     is it an underlying weight or a fractal architecture

1     echoer, recapitulator, duplicator, repeater

0     she stands back, then stands back

0   “to go through” prefigures again, she

1     what is your function, and what functions

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