the poetry that matters

amanda earl

amanda earl's poetry has been published most recently by above/ground press, listenlight.net and ottawater.com 3.0. she's the managing editor of Bywords.ca and the Bywords Quarterly Journal. amanda also writes sexually explicit fiction and blogs too much. you can find her all over the internet, but especially here: amandaearl.blogspot.com where she rambles about ottawa literary events.




your offering is sleep

sweet sting of entry

each syllable smooth and sharp

after you whisper in her ear


that was the hesitation

unaccustomed to verbal cues

the dark a blurred surrender

flickering neon vacant


there’s got to be grace

slide yourself gently

see how it cuts

this one’s a knife edge


slow dance to

familiar your body

those who adore

run fingers



you’d like to




A for eventual

the wind stirs up

mortuary corpses

words laid out


another plaid impostor

each visitor devours

celtic blur

the perfect blue


the four of it

sky hides scars

where the star

is                      but


she so often

a cup cradles

blessed caffeine

some afternoon candle


cellular prophesy

with cursive writing

someone starts late

this is how dog eared


several pages forgiven




a b_________ evening

he took her hand

right here

it took place


who wants to see you

move often

finally someone is

holy day


the streets on holiday

if you refuse an ear

what can you offer

everywhere tonight


have you noticed the saints

the music stops to listen

she is the first question

on the verge (of)


this is where they sat

the coffee too strong

the line up too long

stop running


why don’t we?


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