the poetry that matters

Amanda Deo

Amanda Deo is from Toronto. Her work has previously been included in Short, Fast and Deadly, em:me, Black Words on White Paper, The Toucan, Sparkbright Magazine, Right Hand Pointing, Fosebook, Soundless, and Negative Suck. She has previous published a chapbook entitled North of the Mason-Dixon Line (In/Words Press, 2005). She was a poetry editor with In/Words Magazine at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario from 2004-2006. She has a small press entitled Thunderclap Press that has published single issues and chapbooks since 2009.


There are a lot of lights in a city. Her feet are sticking out of a snow bank and bent back and illuminated by the hospital ambulance bay. A smoke stack has its own ideas about what looks best in what shade of black. I push back the flaps on her coat and cup her ears with my hands. I make out the shadow of her scavenger teeth and the lakes of memories and the explosion of passengers.


I drink the funeral in a dream. I give satisfaction in voice overs. In an instant. I hold attention with it’s better than a lie and your eyebrows are so pretty and it wasn’t only once. Every pew has a set of broken legs and a last breath and an obvious confession.

Your jeans sag to the right. Your briefcase sits next to the door. I’m never yours.


The first call is always hold the wheel at 10 and 2. He tells me the last line is never for ribbons. I wish I was there to cheat your answers. The hole in the city of Toronto is the quickest way to put your freckles in my mouth. We must absolutely mean everything.


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                                                                                                 January 29, 2013