the poetry that matters

Alison Clarke 

Alison Clarke is a poet and children's author from Edmonton.  She has published poetry in Ariel, The Canadian Writers' Journal and has also published a children's story with a CD.

      Bird-cherry juice angel energy devouring damn age insistence survival
      frustration post-colonial future destiny ecstasy heavenly supplication
      confessions injustice internal external solution hope forgiveness
      stubbornness waves of emotion lyrical connotation light ray miracles
      life puzzle mystery dialectic elite energy accessibility love disgust
      disaster miracle giving each other solace Oprah united poverty
      disdain disgust empathy salvation
Transmitter Part II
Loving life emotion that is rife with scars beauty solace river running through it
 Brad Pitt celebrity marriage consumerism Hollywood dream machine 
 connected politician elected diverse dialectic my mom says don't give up
 my sister says live it up racism sexism we survived haven't we? Interrogation
 Iraq heart attack McDonald's documentary Eli colour fantasy reality I'm lovin' it
 neo-liberalism big composition being undone on the run conclusions 
 poetry.com poetry in motion contest delivert defiance Malcolm X
 Martin Luther King What is it?  Spike Lee music movies love radiation
 hurricane Katrina the awful ravages of racism, classism, sociology society
 scientists numbers common sense observation truth vs. facts
 interaction internet love dating the millenium circuitous Sexiness Madonna
 power children's books complications interpretations destination
Virtual Excursion
 White Sands Island:
A Dock--not unlike the one Otis Redding sat on:  Pondering
Doubts, In The Midst Of 
Success:  Monterey...
Surrounded By The Waves...Sausalito...
   In a place there's the Freezing of Time, Space, A Musical Snapshot,
             Notes That Trigger A Photographic Memory...
                 Sitting on a Dock At The Bay,'Frisco, Wasting--
                                         Cerulean Washing All Around Him...
                                Not unlike the same Shade, that was used
                                            To Dye Denim...Indigo, symbol of
Plantation Oppression, Commerce, and African Culture...Dungarees then had a high price - Blood Money Oozing Rivulets Of Blue...African Livelihood, Ability, Now A Yoke - Gasping, Gasping...
   But the scene looks so calm:  Lady Cerulean takes a bow--
An Aquatic Kingdom..She - Takes - A Bow, but Then...It looks so peaceful, restful, serene, and Otis Redding must have felt that way - the only harmony that he could experience, while Racial Violence and Injustice Ravaged Its Way through America...Sitting On A Dock At The Bay, Wasting--But Was He?
Recording beauty yet melancholy with a voice, music, and a whistle...Contemplating his Future As A Black Man...I think, I wonder, the Scenic Scene Iridescent, Colours Intricate and Fine, not unlike the Fallout From Racism, The Riots, Detroit...Is Otis Also Thinking Of These Things?  Indigo - Indigo - Slavery Encapsulated in a Violet-Blue...Why these thoughts? Looking at An Island in The Maldives, An Island of White, Sands Glowing, Running through your fingers, looking like White Gold...Island Of - The Tragedy with The Beauty, The Darkness With The Light, Is It Inescapable?  I reach for the lid -   

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