the poetry that matters

A.J. Kaufmann

A.J. Kaufmann is a Polish poet, songwriter and traveler, the author of "Siva in Rags", "I'm Already Not Here", "Pilgrims & Indians", "Symbolisme Psychedelique" and other poetry chapbooks. A.J. can be found online at http://myspace.com/kaufmannpoetry and/or at http://kaballahfreighttrain.wordpress.com

Impure Twilights

impure twilights
assembled truths
lone life
smile mortal light...

shared chains
pearl wrecks man
the cameos
stormy rooms
wretched air
wild of day...

trackless surgery minds
burnt by promise
eyes asleep
blank cold fire
doubtless, divine
unclouded, then gray
on top...

your guilt, a leaf
eloquence gods
a pillow of sun
hell's up high
passive screens
straight sullen

stained thousands weep
departing shine
secret one with your jewels
red dusk coming
dark vine
renders my visage
own false grace

Done the None

drive me father ocean
wind haven
gangs evening
massacred sky
any calling floating
sad pause

travelers hand
chilled heart's
repeated sparrows
passing grace
& bird pain
true away wings

leaping sun
dogs wag
needles seizing to pride
deafening sleep
covers its death

the chilly charm
found ladder
disturbed my form
& done the none


Earth lyre feeds on my cock

born in solitude, progress
young arms
passing place
flame past
sunk menagerie
morn blood
rich life falls

swing's the holy duty
spiral cups on air
rolling hypocrites
voice their debt
crave curving skies
eternal sort
outworn young

the trumpet devil
Earth lyre
vases, noble trombones
lost sun
sluggish city
feeds on my cock

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