the poetry that matters

Adrian N. Strickland

Adrian N. Strickland is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana currently living in Santa Fe, Texas. He was the 1999 State Winner of the Louisiana Music Teachers Assoc. Piano Rally. 







Did the pestilence occur on the fringes or deep in the fabric?

Sometimes spirituality isn't so much about doing things as much as it is about letting things untangle

Someone was bound to be tripped up. All that traffic....

One less broken ankle



Border jest,

More tar nest all, Bored are crest fall.  Loiter, guest doll Feather-noid pest.

Larder postal, lord or chest

Mordor Pastel, Cord or Pastille, Bastille, Cast steel. Port or Postle

Door for jostle, implore cost null, sore frost test skull, more tar pestle

Molar vessel never rest

More tarp best, North Star bless stall

Mortar Detest Bull, pistol, Mortar mess full, pencil infest,    IN   FACT……….   ! ! ! ! ! !



Mortar and pestle: I left them without an abundance of options

Entertainment and events, humor, bands and clubs, news and commentary: at

Times they were medicine for tired or broken hearts beating inside these

pressure-cooker bodies.  At others, they were just another throw of the dice.

Like church on Sunday, it all became another ritual.

It is scary to try and take complete control of your life.

Mortar and pestle: The absence of choice

I know how you got addicted to the noise

I couldn't even hear myself speaking

Silence is water for words

A faucet is.........


Mortar and pestle:

I didn't even WANT to listen to myself

Mortar and pestle:

If you don't have anything left to live for, live to SING THE BLUES

Mortar and pestle:

They will not miss me

Mortar and pestle:

Who will make the first move?

Mortar and pestle:

For the Sound Of It   :   (                      )

For The Cigarette.

Mortar and pestle:

Cup your hands

Mortar and pestle:

Sound is water for your ears

Mortar and pestle:

And words are water for your expectations

A mortar is what you want and have yet to obtain.

A pestle is what you do not know.

Mortar and pestle:

When motion becomes a scarce commodity

Mortar and pestle:

There is no one willing to give you back to you.

Mortar and pestle:

Understanding homosexuality

Mortar and pestle:

Getting harder to meddle

Mortar and pestle:

Is there more freedom in simplicity or having fifty options?

Mortar and pestle:

They can not wait to die…..

Mortar and pestle:

Approaching an absence of choice

I know how you got addicted to the noise

I couldn't even hear myself speaking

Silence is water for words and a

Faucet is leaking.  

                                                                                     . . .



                                                                                                                January 5, 2014