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Tyler Gabrysh

Tyler Gabrysh has most recently appeared in Four and Twenty, Jones Av., and soon, Open Minds Quarterly.  He was a winner in the 2007 Geist Haiku Heaven Contest and received Honourable Mention in the 2008 Other Voices Poetry Contest.  He resides in Victoria, BC, where he's working on two manuscripts, a themed poetry collection, and is acting as editor on two other projects.





Lawns picky florist.  Night life a gender flow free

Mistake a holiday might mend her, kite-high reality


Pesky weeds in rain September.  Laugh off a Saturday

Nurse gin might make me rendered

Start living another way


Buzzed, afford, am readied.

Making treats with right and freed hand

Hymen-late, a bit neither

Out of straight at night a free mast

Buzzed, afford, am readied

Making treats with right and freed hand

Right off green land.  Light on Greenland


Too weak if we're wrong

Folly?  Getting cursed in

Lately the line will sway

Part mental and drunk on gin


Tilt bait thud clean.  Faster to go ahead

Till drop and hope

This funeral ash

We ask, now is sacred






Gait Thong



Sea salt wide bite and breathe


This shore white one and cry don't

Hot stones by need

Yucatan's own seagulls

You can tan near water wells

Ritzy leg long held out

Glitzy re-pawned sales


Raw guitar hatch her lovely tales

Dry a rosy chosen amen

Like Latin France

With a hip stare

Dined art receptions Zen


Orion hot in jowls

Gestalt of moans

She svelte grew old I far down

Beyond my throes

This cup's at least full

This life's a water well

Droplets no mouthful

She strums and wails


Mistook I much these whirling hands

A beginner lost in grin

It's a don't tell

It's resisting

It's heaven's own badlands


Flock glides aborts when should prevail

Albatross   ie   caravan

Is it reticence?

She is bliss-honed

In an unborn trance four wide






Hit Bet



Wishes I browsed

A lot wore the guise of need

Pinto bean mouth

Sly start giddy tort creme


Dry remorse

Why envied?

Resounding sky a dose to germinate

Glazed dead and chew the cud

Lie grieving loud outdate


Time's revive

Narrow cylinder

Landed thunder

Uphill the fallout

Vineyard bliss not importer

And the plopping of spittle


Size of my graph

Length of this interstate

Nakedly writhe

Wake in a parkade



Now steady

Resounding sighs a globe purportedly

Glazed dead awash in mud

The knee bends softly









Two wrongs do not make a right

Rotten and moldy labs

Freedom lit eggrolls bestowed

Taught near a tall oak, rolled dough slab










Passed a treasure out to doll

No atonement nor a sneer

With this polka dot air rain growing

Nearing ears


Begone went two souls water clinging

Isle puffins rest on old rafts leaving

Drowning sea and we breathe

Fools let the ferry over

Fjord of grey


Oh little fishes to stay                                                            

Ray of son sunshine today

Little fishes to stay


Red hook eternity

I a rum-run lean on deals

Light bright stay the feline never

Votive seize


Raygun licked a troll tide working

Their scraping laughs agree wine sooner

Lately breeze and the seas beyond defined border

Languish away


Bee know yang

No Har Kang

Jar tea pangs

Smell again



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                                                                                                            September 14, 2012