the poetry that matters

Angela M. Aguilar

Angela M. Aguilar is a writer living in Vancouver, BC, Canada

limbic system
primary colours to adrenaline spectrums
of revolving door whirlpools
waves of gravity
compressing the heart
into symptoms of cardiomypathy
that shake the forebrain and sound
the culture of inadequate
coping mechanisms
and psychological traits
willed by benefactors of
family       history       genetics


the human voice

a maze of throats
in silver-chained conversations tell to
                 renovate the silence
                 listen to firecracker prose
but vocal change is a solo choir
obedient soprano bubbles
blow to voice
paper lyrics into sapling
sheets of conformity


branding a lover

melodies of texture
warm the season of defiance
hands mirror
secrets entwine
of false advertisements

lips parallel lips

a game of mathematics calculates
stitches of geometric quilts
with pedigree of temperature
to warm limbs unlike the sun but structures

hands on hips
in blanketed touch of energy that testifies
the hard callused end of summer


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                                                                                                    April 14, 2012